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Assignment: Eternity


CaptainKirk first encountered Gary Seven on twentieth-centuryEarth. Now Seven, a time-traveling operative for unknown alien forces, makes a surprise visit to the USS Enterprise. Kirk is on an urgent mission to bring relief to a disaster-ravaged planet, but Seven has an agenda of his own -- and he's not above hijacking the Starship Enterprise and sending it on a perilous journey deep into the heart of the Romulan Empire.

Kirk must dare to trust Gary Seven once again, as he confronts the possibility that the enigmatic stranger may bring death and destruction to Kirk's own era.



Romulan Commander Dellas of the Tal Shiar witnesses the failed assassination attempt on the Federation president at the Khitomer conference, then herself assassinates Captain Spock.


After ensuring the success of the Apollo 11 moon landing, Gary Seven is alerted to a disruption of the timeline. He, Isis, and Roberta Lincoln transport themselves through time and space to 2269, the apparent divergence point, aboard the Enterprise.

2269 Stardate 6021.4

The Enterprise, en route to deal with an environmental disaster threatening the Federation colony on Duwamish, intercepts Seven's transporter beam. He insists on Kirk's help in carrying out a vital mission within Romulan space, though he refuses to share any of the details. When Kirk refuses, Seven imbalances the starship's warp engines, creating a wormhole that delivers the vessel deep within the Empire. The ship soon comes under attack by a squadron led by Commander Motak of the Gladiator, and is forced to flee deeper into Romulan space. Sensors detect an uninhabited star system that apparently contains a cloaked planet and Kirk decides to investigate, fearing a secret Romulan base and an incredible Romulan technological advance. The Enterprise hides from the Gladiator within the cloaking field while Kirk, Sulu, and Chekov beam to the surface. Seven escapes from the brig and invites himself on the landing party. Kirk tries to have him returned to the Enterprise, but a force field blocks transporters and communications.

Seven finally shares minimal details of his mission—his contemporary in this area and region, Supervisor 146 (aka Septos), has been discovered and captured by Romulan forces, and plan to use their newfound advanced technology to alter the timeline. The team meets up with Septos' pet/partner, a large sentient feline named Osiris. While Sulu and Chekov create a diversion, Kirk, Seven, and Osiris slip inside the captured base, and Septos escapes from Dellas' intensive interrogation and reach the control center.

In orbit, Spock prepares to abandon the landing party and escape Romulan territory to safeguard the ship and crew, but Roberta uses her superior technology to seize control of the ship. Spock conducts a mind-meld so that both sides can trust each other and learns of his own future assassination, though he convinces Roberta to return control of the ship. The Enterprise departs the cloaking field, drawing the Gladiator away from the planet and ultimately disabling the battlecruiser by tying Roberta's interface cube into a torpedo's sensors. The ship then returns to the planet to rescue the landing party.

Kirk, Seven, and Osiris find Septos just as Dellas beams in and murders him, then Osiris. A firefight ensues, but Dellas wins out by overloading her disruptor and stunning them all. The paranoid Dellas sends her troops away, guarding Kirk and Seven herself until using the transporter to travel to 2293 to kill Spock. Seven sets the base's autodestruct before following her into the future, leaving Kirk to hold off the rest of the Romulan troops. He narrowly succeeds and returns to 2269 moments before the explosion, but Isis, aboard the Enterprise, reconfigures the transporter to rescue everyone from the planet. The base is destroyed, keeping its advanced technology out of Romulan hands, and Spock mind-melds with Dellas and her technologist, Vithrok, to remove all knowledge of the same. Seven repeats his wormhole trick to deliver the Enterprise to Duwamish several days in the past, allowing the crew to complete their vital mission, before returning himself, Isis, and Roberta to 20th century Earth.



Azetbur • Christine Chapel • Pavel Chekov • Clarke • Dellas • Sheryl Gates • Greenburg • Isis • James T. Kirk • Roberta Lincoln • Leonard McCoy • Motak • Osiris • Pardek • Esteban Rodriguez • Sarek • Montgomery Scott • Schultz • Septos • Gary Seven • Spock • Hikaru Sulu • Nyota Uhura • Valeris • Vithrok • Worf, father of Mogh
Referenced only 
Aladdin • Neil Armstrong • Clyde Barrow • James Bond • Cho • Bob Dylan • Sean Finnegan • Gorkon, son of Toq • Phillip Green • Guardian of Forever • George Harrison • Robert A. Heinlein • Jimi Hendrix • J. Edgar Hoover • I-Chaya • Edith Keeler • John F. Kennedy • Jacqueline Kennedy • Martin Luther King, Jr. • Kollos • Janice Lester • David Marcus • Peter Max • Paul McCartney • Midnight • Bonnie Parker • Emma Peel • Christopher Pike • Ebenezer Scrooge • Rod Serling • Khan Noonien Singh • Tolian Soran • Benjamin Spock • Surak • T'Pring • Mao Tse-Tung • Tepesch • Zarabeth • Zoe


811 East 68th Street • Camp Khitomer • Duwamish • Duwamish system • Earth • Khitomer • New York City • United States of America
Referenced only 
Alamo • Andromeda system • Argelius II • Barbaros IV • Buckingham Palace • Coney Island • District of Columbia • East Village • Ekos • Eminiar VII • Gothos • Great Wall of China • Iowa • Janus VI • Luna • Manhattan • Mirror Lake Elementary School • mirror universe • Moscow • Mount Seleya • Neutral Zone • Organia • Puget Sound • Pyriss VII • Remus • Romulus • Sigma Draconis VI • Taurus II • Three Mile Island • Vulcan

Starships and vehiclesEdit

USS Enterprise (Constitution-class) • ChR Gladiator (D7-class) • unnamed Romulan starships
Referenced only 
Deep Space 5 • RMS Queen Mary • Saturn rocket • Skylab

Races and culturesEdit

Human • Klingon • Martian • Romulan • Tellarite • Vulcan • Xela
Referenced only 
Andorian • Eymorg • Gorn • Horta • Organian • Tholian • tribble • Triclopian

States and organizationsEdit

Aegis • Klingon Empire • NASA • Romulan Star Empire • Soviet Union • Starfleet • Starfleet Academy • Tal Shiar • United Federation of Planets • United States of America • University of Moscow • Vulcan Science Academy

Ranks and titlesEdit

ambassador • captain • centurion • chairman • chancellor • chief engineer • commander • colonel • diplomat • doctor • ensign • helmsman • lieutenant • minister • nurse • Praetor of the Romulan Star Empire • president • President of the United Federation of Planets • proconsul • science officer • secretary • security officer • Supervisor 146 • Supervisor 194 • yeoman

Science and technologyEdit

alternate timeline • anabolic protoplaser • artificial gravity • astrogator • Beta-5 • Beta 7 computer • blood • Cerenkov radiation • chronometer • cloaking device • clone • communicator • computer • cordrazine • deflector shield • disruptor • duranium • emergency beacon • Excedrin • dental fillings • fire extinguisher • food synthesizer • force field • gravimetric distortion • hypospray • intercom • magnetic lock • medical tricorder • mind-sifter • multipurpose controller • nova • phaser • photon torch • photon torpedo • satellite • sensor • servo • shield • stasis field generator • television • time travel • transporter • tricorder • turbolift • universal translator • viewscreen • virus • warp nacelle • wormhole

Other referencesEdit

1960s • 1968 • 1969 • 2269 • 2293 • 20th century • 23rd century • 24th century • Age of Aquarius • AIDS • apartment • Apollo 11 • apple • assassination • The Avengers • barrel • beard • The Beatles • belt • The Brain Eater • bridge • brig • British • captain's chair • captain's log • cat • chewing gum • Chinese • cockroach • cocktail glass • coffee • command module • corridor • couch • Cuban Missile Crisis • cybernaut • dinosaur • Dr. Strangelove or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Bomb • Earth Cold War • emergency ration • espionage • Fail-Safe • fire • Fresca • Funny GirlThe Girl from U.N.C.L.E. • Grand Coulee Dam • handbag • helmet • hornet • jacket • Japanese • jeans • Jolan tru • Jovian Triathalon • jungle • Khitomer Conference • Kleenex • landing party • logic • mind meld • The Monkees • movie • Mission: Impossible • money • necktie • Nobel Prize • nutrient bar • onkian • P.F. Flyers • pineapple • pizza • Planet of the Apes • plomeek soup • popcorn • Prime Directive • quarters • rain • red alert • robe • Romulan ale • Russian • science fiction • Scottish • sector • sickbay • Space Age • Stranger in a Strange Land • Treaty of Algeron • toadstool • tree • T-shirt • 2001: A Space Odyssey • uniform • Village Voice • Vulcan nerve pinch • Watergate • Woodstock • yellow alert • Zorro


Background informationEdit

20th Century referencesEdit

  • Roberta Lincoln tells Spock that he reminds her of an extraterrestrial from the science fiction film The Brain Eaters. This is a reference to a real life 1958 film in which Leonard Nimoy made a brief appearance. However, he did not play an alien in the film but a human character named Professor Cole.
  • Roberta refers to Rod Serling, the creator of The Twilight Zone. In real life, William Shatner, Leonard Nimoy, James Doohan and George Takei all made guest appearances on the series, as did numerous other Star Trek actors. She also refers to Mission: Impossible, in which Shatner and Nimoy likewise appeared.
  • Roberta's comment regarding Chekov's resemblance to Davy Jones is an in-joke, referring to the fact that after Walter Koenig was cast in the second season of Star Trek: The Original Series, he was made to look like Jones in order to draw in younger viewers. The ploy worked.[1]
  • The Girl from U.N.C.L.E.: Lincoln thinks to herself, "Yeah, that's me. The Girl from U.N.C.L.E."
  • James Bond and Mission: Impossible: Roberta tells Kirk that Gary Seven " on a strictly need-to-know basis, you know? James Bond style. For your eyes only and all that. This tape will self-destruct in five seconds..." Kirk has never heard of the James Bond franchise.


In addition to merely mentioning TV series and films from the 20th Century, this novel also references several in terms of indicating that their events also took place within the Star Trek universe:

  • The Avengers: Spock says that Seven and Lincoln contributed to "the defeat of the so-called 'cybernauts' in conjunction with a pair of British intelligence operatives". Lincoln thinks to herself, "I bet Mrs. Peel never has to go poking around under the furniture."
  • Kolchak: The Night Stalker and The Questor Tapes: Roberta tells Spock, "There was this other times while we were teamed up with this wise guy reporter from Chicago, when Seven actually sneaked in and out of the Pentagon with the top secret plans for a new type of robot soldier. The Quasar Tapes, or something like that."
  • The Prisoner: "All this covert infiltration reminded [Seven] of that time he and Isis had attempted to liberate a former British intelligence agent from the artificial village where he was being held captive as part of an elaborate psychological conditioning experiment. That mission had ended badly, he remembered, primarily because he had underestimated the forces arrayed against them."
  • The Andromeda Strain: Spock says that Seven and Lincoln contributed to "the destruction of fourteen deadly biological weapons, including one spaceborn virus".
  • James Bond: Seven recalls the time Lincoln "...had outwitted that power-hungry megalomaniac with the white Persian kitten."

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  1. ↑Vejvoda, Jim and Phil Pirrello. "Star Trek: The Original Series - Season 2 Review.", [1]
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When the Enterprise is assigned to observe Earth's history in 1968, suddenly it intercepts a transporter beam which originates at least a thousand light-years from Earth, bringing aboard a humanoid alien 'agent Gary Seven' holding a black cat called Isis, who warns them to step back and let him go to accomplish his mission to save Earth; initially phaser-struck down, he manages to beam himself away, actually on a mission to prevent a nuclear rocket being launched at McKinley base because earth is socio-politically not ready for its technological progress. He assumes a classified identity to override a powerful computer, and mistakes the wrong girl, Miss Lincoln, for another agent; the computer reports both other agents he seeks are deceased in an accident. Meanwhile Kirk and Spock beam down to investigate if the alien isn't hostile, realizing the risk of changing their own past. When they get on his trail, the girl sees Spock's ears, calls the police and Seven gets away; they must ... Written by KGF Vissers

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29 March 1968 (USA) See more »

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Gary Seven's computer display is the same one used as Dr. Daystrom's M-5 computer in Star Trek: The Ultimate Computer (1968), as well as being used by Mr. Atoz, the librarian, in Star Trek: All Our Yesterdays (1969). See more »


As the gantry elevator rises with Gary Seven, a shadow of the grating wall is cast on the floor of the elevator. But as the elevator car passes girders, their shadows should also be cast on the floor, but they are not. (This shows that the passing girders are simply backdrops being scrolled by.) See more »


[first lines]
Captain James T. Kirk: Captain's log. Using the light speed breakaway factor, the Enterprise has moved back through time to the 20th century. We are now in extended orbit around Earth, using our ship's deflector shields to remain unobserved. Our mission - historical research. We are monitoring Earth communications to find out how our planet survived desperate problems in the year... 1968.
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