Fin 370 Week 3 Team Assignment Disney


ENVIRONMENTAL SCAN: DISNEY AND COSTCO=T$e internal environment o4 Co!to 4ou!e! on inve!tment! in adverti!ement! to rea$ out to t$eir u!tomer!& T$e om5an" 5a"! t$eir em5lo"ee! $ig$l" to en!ure t$at t$e" are lo"al and to im5rove t$eir 5er4ormane 7C$a5ut' +,119& T$e om5an" al!o reogni<ed t$e 4at t$at treating t$eir em5lo"ee! 2ell i! )e" to im5roving t$eir 5er4ormane 7De>am5$ili!' +,,09& Human a5ital i! e!!ential in delivering t$e nee!!ar" !u55ort 4or t$e om5an" to deliver $ig$ 6ualit" 5rodut! and !ervie!& T$e eternal environment o4 t$e *u!ine!! i! 4ou!ed on inve!ting in over!ea! ountrie! 7De>am5$ili!' +,,09& T$e ountrie! inlude %ra<il' C$ina' and India& T$e mar)et 5o!ition o4 t$e om5an" $a! !een it outdo it! rival! inluding Sam;! lu*& T$e om5an" i!in it! maturit" !tage a! t$e t$ird large!t retailer in t$e ?nited State!& T$e om5an" *oa!t! o4 net  5ro4it! o4 a*out @1&+ *illion dollar! 2it$ outlet! in over B 5lae! around t$e 2orld&Com5etitive Advantage! T$ere i! no dou*t Di!ne" i! t$e leader o4 motion 5iture and animated artoon! t$ata55eal to $ildren and 4amilie! on a glo*al mar)et& Di!ne" i! a *u!ine!! oriented om5an"' 2$i$mean! t$e" a!!ume t$at t$e" 2ill get t$e !ale rat$er t$an 5u!$" or aggre!!ive !ale! te$ni6ue!'t$e" onl" leave t$e dei!ion in t$e u!tomer;! $and!& >arent! u!uall" ta)e t$eir $ildren to t$emovie! and t$en 2ill $ave to 5ur$a!e a gi4t related to t$e movie at !ome 5oint a4ter ta)ing t$eir $ildren to t$e movie!& Alt$oug$ Di!ne" )no2! t$eir num*er one 4an are $ildren' t$eir e44ort!!ometime! an 4all !$ort i4 t$e 5arent! do not a55rove o4 t$e 5rodut or movie& Di!ne";! Imagineering de5artment $andle! all t$e !trategi and mar)eting 5lanning 4or t$e *u!ine!!& Aording to Di!ne"&om 7+,1-9' t$e goal o4 t$e Di!ne" Imagineering de5artmenti! to ontinuou!l" de!ign and im5lement ne2' 4un and eiting 5rodut! 4or t$e Di!ne" Com5an"t$at 2ill attrat' ama<e' and eite t$eir u!tomer!& %eau!e o4 t$i! t$e Di!ne" Com5an" utili<e!t$e 5rodut/!ervie di44erentiation om5etitive advantage in *u!ine!!& Di!ne" $a! *uilt a ver"

FINANCIAL RATION ANALYSIS 2When we think of Apple Inc., we think of, cutting edge, modern, and trend setting gadgets. Apple consciously has dedicated its time and efforts to develop very successful technological devices and launch them in such a way that they are the undisputable most desired items in the market even before they become available for sale. Apple incorporated on January 3,1977 and is headquartered in Cupertino, CA with locations in the Americas, China, Europe, Japan, and the Asia Pacific. Apple continues today to live up to successful business strategy and fame. Apple products are best known for products with superior ease of use, seamless integration, and innovative industrial design. Innovation puts Apple well above the rest by enhancing its dominance in the market and using the power of influence wisely. Apple believes that continual investment in research and development is critical to the development and enhancement of innovative products and technologies. Current Ratio“The current ratio measures a company's ability to pay short-term debts and other current liabilities (financial obligations lasting less than one year) by comparing current assets to current liabilities. The ratio illustrates a company's ability to remain solvent.” ("Current Ratio", 2017). Apples current ratio is sitting around 1.35% then they finished at 1.35% for both 2015 and 2016. Dell’s current ratio is lower than Apples as they are at 1.18 times with a 1.19% for both 2015 and2016. Then Samsung is sitting at a current ratio of 1.58 then finished 2015 with a 2.10 and 2016 with a 2.59. 2

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