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“Curriculum evaluation is too important to be left to teachers.” Discuss


In the past decade, there has been increasing demand for education to be publiclyaccountable to justify the increasingly tight funding amidst falling confidence in thecompetency of the educational system (Nixon 1992, pp. 1-22). Developments wheregraduates have been found to be unsuitable for employment has also contributed to thequestion of educational accountability. These issues has led to the educational curriculum being questioned. There has been arguments that the traditional autonomy of theteacher/principal in curriculum decision should be removed in lieu of a centrally dictatedcurriculum, known as the National Curriculum in the UK (Anon 1997). With a centrallydictated curriculum, curriculum development and evaluation would then be shifted fromteachers to the central curriculum development body. The argument is that “curriculumevaluation ( and development) is too important to be left to teachers”. I will be exploringthis issue in this essay.I will be introducing this essay by defining curriculum evaluation and showing thatcurriculum evaluation is important as an integral part of curriculum development. Thecentral issues involved in curriculum evaluation and development will then be highlightedin view of the teacher’s role in all these issues. Finally, I will be developing the argumentthat, of all those involved in curriculum evaluation, the teacher is in the best position to beinvolved due to his/her strategic position as the curriculum implementor.

What is Curriculum Evaluation?

What is the curriculum? Curriculum is a set of planned and purposeful learningexperiences, based on intended learning outcomes and organized around thedevelopmental levels of students. It can take many forms according to the viewpoints from


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