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The Southampton Review (TSR), the literary magazine published by Stony Brook Southampton’s MFA Program in Writing and Literature, honored Frank McCourt, Pulitzer Prize-winning author and faculty member, who died on July 19, in its Volume III.

The new issue was feted at a gala launch in July in the newly restored Avram Theater on campus, with readings by a select group of contributors. The event was a celebration of McCourt’s writing, teaching, and joie de vivre. Featured reader Billy Collins joined Roger Rosenblatt, Robert Reeves, Lou Ann Walker, and many others for an evening of readings, reminisces, literature, tears, and laughter.

In remembering McCourt, Reeves, founder and director of the MFA Program said, “On a faculty with Nobel Laureates, Poet Laureates, winners of Pulitzers, Emmys, and Oscars, only Frank’s readings would fill football stadiums. He was our rock star.”

McCourt turned the odds of a difficult childhood in his favor, finding riches in poverty, family, immigration, and teaching. He wrote Angela’s Ashes in 1996 at the age of 60, defying F. Scott Fitzgerald’s edict that “there are no second acts in American lives.”

He received the Pulitzer Prize (1997) and National Book Circle Award (1996) for his first effort, followed by ‘Tis (1999), Teacher Man (2005) and Angela and the Baby Jesus (2007).  As Anne Bancroft said to Alan Alda, as they sat side by side in his celebrated memoirist class, “Where else would you want to be on a summer afternoon?”

McCourt had been a member of the MFA faculty for almost a decade.

TSR contains W.S. Merwin’s essay Listening to Frank; Terence Moran’s First Friday Club, which included Jimmy Breslin, William Kennedy, and McCourt; Clark Blaise’s Smudges on the Photographs: The Memoirs of Frank McCour;, and Malachy and Alphie McCourt’s essays. There is even a Frank McCourt Quiz, “Everything You Think You Know about Frank,” by Christian McLean; a flock of quotes, “The Wit and Wisdom of Frank McCourt,” and a cartoon image of McCourt by Jules Feiffer.

In addition, there are essays by Anne Taylor Fleming, Susan Ann Gilman, Roger Rosenblatt, Helen Simonson, and Nicholas Sopkin. TSR III includes poetry from Patricia Spears Jones, Tara Propper, Jay Rubin, Grace Schulman, Julie Sheehan, Robert Thomas, Alexandra van de Camp, and Michelle Whittaker.

Dark Shadows

Each fall football lightens the city�s mood; this season pens with a heavier heart.

Slippery Slope

A rock guitarist�s grand vision for a Malibu mountaintop has coastal watchdogs on edge.

Summer Fling

Exotic locales might beckon. But the charms of an L.A. August prove that there�s no place like home.

Venus Rising

Oodles of sex. Lots of envy. A touch of whining. HBO�s Girls sounded superficial. It wasn�t.

Buzz Kill

The road to the hot new silicon beach is paved with good intentions�and way too many drivers .

Movies A-Go-Go

A film was once a shared L.A. experience. Now we just want to be left alone

Postscript: Call of the Wild

Reflections on learning about coyotes and the local wildlife experts who help make Los Angeles a safe place for us and them .

Call of The Wild

Coyotes are neither friend nor foe. They�re cohabitants, pure and simple.

The female body as battlefield

Did I expect this? Did any of us foresee that in 2012 there would be a full-tilt battle about women�s health and how it should be handled?

Light Years

Sometimes the person you dread letting in can bring unexpected joy.

Bad News, Bear

California has stood by Obama�until now. He could take a lesson from Brown.

Happy Feat

After decades of earnest parenting comes a reminder to savor the moment.

Brave Betty

In a first lady�s courageous revelations about addiction, a family found its lifeboat.

The Last Dance

She was the mom everyone wanted for their own. At the end, each day was a gift.

Modern Family

Behind the nouveau-L.A. excesses of the Kardashians is a fierce loyalty.

Locked Up

Sometimes a response to disturbing events is to try to buy a sense of security

Puppy Love

There�s nothing like a dog�s affection. Too bad L.A. is so canine unfriendly.

Football? Pass

The price tag seems high for a pro sport that L.A. has done just fine without.

Writer Paradise

Gentle climate. No social interruptions. Of course the words will flow.

Brown, Part II

A familiar face returns with a new acuity and a formidable partner. He�ll need both.

Numbers Game

Lying about age is practically a civic duty. Who knew honesty could be so liberating?

The Telltale Heart

In her memoir, Elizabeth Edwards may be sharing too much information...

The Prodigal Man

Roman Polanski was arrested upon his arrival in Switzerland on Sunday. His last legal appeal and current arrest recall some of Los Angeles�s darkest days...

The Lost Boys

Why are so many of our onscreen leading men such scaredy-cats?

The Good-bye Year

When loss follows loss, what must come next is a long embrace...

Rules of Engagement

Marriage�gay or straight�is the great emotional adventure story...

Page Turner

It�s easy to become an e-book addict, even when it spells the end of your world...

Octo-Mommy & Me

Nadya Suleman and the doctor who helped her conceive were irresponsible, but the controversy raises bigger questions about high-tech births and the freedom to choose...

Numbers Game

Lying about age is practically a civic duty. Who knew honesty could be so liberating?

Mucked Up

A black summer for beach lovers stirs memories of a sickened�and still ailing�bay...

Must-See List

Taking in the sights with holiday visitors, an Angeleno rediscovers a bewitching city...

Mall of America

The fear that�s running through the holiday season is not just about the economy. This season the malls�our temples to consuming�are conspicuous for lack of consumption, but maybe it�s high time a debtor nation took stock...

Love Struck

An angry mob left its marks in the �60s. Now the scars tell of an irresistible courage...

High Stakes

Those tall shoes are gaining traction in L.A. It�s not just a physical boost that�s in play...

Great Divide

L.A. was a �don�t ask, don�t tell� place�until Arizona got everyone talking...

Grade Inflation

As the cost of a UC education soars, students are rattled�but not revolting...

Foul Territory

With the McCourts squabbling over the boys in blue, there�s a red face or two in town...

Foot Soldier

What began as a show of solidarity soon took away the heartache, anger, and fear...

Fallen Angel

From �It� girl to stricken reality star, Farrah Fawcett reflects our obsession with fame...

Eye on the Prize

With Barack Obama�s election, Americans made history by finally redressing it...

Different Stripes

Tiger Woods isn�t the first mythic figure to plummet from the skies...

Body Beware

Vitamin fads. Mineral mania. Medical whiplash. Are we trying too hard to be healthy?

A Separate Peace

The building bust has brought back a slower, quieter L.A.�but at what cost?

Behind the Mask

Signs of Michael Jackson�s addiction were there�was anyone paying attention?

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