Essay Outline Quiz

1. The writing process is described as being recursive. Which of the following is an example of this? (Points : 1) moving from the prewriting to drafting to revision and editing steps logically, step by step returning to a brainstorming activity during revision to generate necessary information or evidence waiting until you have revised to begin editing your paper for grammar mistakes outlining your thoughts before you draft them Question 2. 2. Which of the following prewriting activities can help you generate ideas for an essay written for class? (Points : 1) outlining revising listing post-draft outline 3. Which of the following is an example of a RUN-ON SENTENCE? (Points : 1) The lawyer’s report was a concise summary of the case, in fact, it was an ideal example of the way a brief should be written. The new electronic patient information system was introduced last month; however, very few of the employees are still able to use it effectively.

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