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  • Timeline The following timeline focuses on major events in Thomas A. Edison's personal life and on his motion picture and phonograph inventions. For a more detailed chronology of Edison's life and work, please consult the Thomas A. Edison Papers website at Rutgers University External.
  • Biography Inventor Thomas Alva Edison profoundly influenced modern life through inventions such as the incandescent light bulb, the phonograph, and the motion picture camera. During his lifetime, he acquired 1,093 patents, and marketed many of his inventions to the public.
  • History of Edison Motion Pictures "I am experimenting upon an instrument which does for the eye what the phonograph does for the ear, which is the recording and reproduction of things in motion ...."
  • Early Edison Experiements with Sight and Sound Frames from early experimental attempt to create sound motion pictures by the Edison Manufacturing Company. W.K.L. Dickson plays the violin in front of a horn connected to a cylinder recording machine. From the inception of motion pictures, various inventors attempted to unite sight and sound through "talking" motion pictures. The Edison Company is known to have experimented with this as early as the fall...

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Entertainment is one of the most important aspects of a person’s everyday life. Together with education, entertainment industry considerably influences the state of a society. Entertainment industry shapes and develops a personality, strengthens people’s physical and mental health. Nowadays digital technology is a decisive factor which influences all the segments of the entertainment industry and a consumer is a driving force causing changes in this industry.

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Entertainment influences people more than one can imagine. The world’s entertainment industry accumulates millions of dollars and is a significant part of the economies of different countries. At the present time, people living in advanced countries experience the abundance of entertainment. Large amounts of content are constantly being produced at an inconceivable pace. Due to the development of a modern economy and technological innovations, the growth of the current entertainment industry is immense.

Technological innovations influence both the forms of entertainment and the demand for entertainment services. The most drastic technological changes in entertainment can be observed in the ways people receive entertainment content. Consumers do not need to leave their homes in order to have a good time anymore. The emergence of streaming enabled people to receive entertainment content inside their homes. It is not necessary to spend money on buying a CD and to wait for a delivery because one can easily download digital music and enjoy it at any time. People do not need to own physical things like DVDs any longer. It is enough to have a tablet which contains all possible kinds of entertainment staff from radio to electronic books. People no longer need ownership, they require access. Various gadgets give people a possibility to have a constant access to entertainment. More and more people prefer to watch movies at home instead of going to cinemas. Advances in technology are changing the ways people get amusement and enjoyment. It is possible to carry any information in their hands.

Technological innovations are changing film industry. Technologies make it possible to be more creative when it comes to film production. Multiple screens provide entertainment lovers with endless ways to enjoy their favourite movies. People can gain much deeper access to the videos of their choosing. With the help of special effects, people can travel digital galaxies. The wildest fantasy may come to life on the screen. At the same time, due to the rapid development of technology, film production has become more time-consuming and expensive. In addition, it is quite risky to rely on special effects because they never guaranty that a movie is going to be crowned with success. Filmmakers spend additional time and money in order to hide blemishes of the actors’ faces which are so clearly exposed by modern digital cameras.

Technological innovations are widely applied to the creation, distribution and consumption of entertainment content. Technology is giving the authority and power to the individual. It shapes the ways we enjoy our lives. People can create, exchange, search, publish and download any digital content without even leaving their homes. They can manipulate the ways of entertainment to their liking. It is not enough for consumers simply to enjoy music, video, texts, or pictures passively. People are striving for interactivity and action. Companies which provide entertainment need to establish relationships with consumers. It is more reasonable for companies to spend money on digital marketing than on traditional media. Trying to find new approaches to content development is a key to success in media. The principal aim is to produce better content at a low cost. Practically any person can make more money from creating entertainment content. The Internet allows artists to produce, promote, spread and monetize their works, it opens numerous ways to succeed.

A number of theaters post pictures from backstage and share news online. Tweet seats in cinemas and theaters are created for people who use their smartphones to share tweets and to give their followers a full account of an event when it is still in progress. Indeed, people do not need to turn off their phones when a show is in progress. Technology allows the entertainment industry to become more globalised and increases the chances of profitability.

Traditional ways by which businesses were making money are no longer working that is why it is necessary to accommodate to new challenging circumstances. Companies are fighting for the customers’ time and attention. Since lots of people have a free access to thousands of ways of entertainment, it is important to catch their attention, to attract them. Technology enables people to create high-quality content ever made and opens up endless possibilities for distribution and consumption. People can get the content they are interested in at any time and practically everywhere. Different companies create favorable conditions to foster online interaction. The future of the entertainment industry belongs to those who will fully embrace the digital revolution and use it to their advantage.

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