Free Printable Homework Calendars For Kids

Preschool, pre-k, and kindergarten printable calendars.

Printable Classroom Calendars

Many teachers like to create their own calendars for homework assignments, snack assignment, or school events, but finding time in your busy schedule to create calendars for families can be difficult.

These fillable PDF calendars with cute images include all 12 months of the year and are designed to make your life easier and save you time!

Cute Editable Classroom Calendars Packet for All 12 Months

What’s Included?

The 24 page printable PDF Classroom Calendar Packet includes blank calendar templates with cute headers for each month of the year including June, July, and August.

The templates are in PDF with fillable fields so you can easily add your own text to personalize the calendars for things such as snack, homework or school events etc.

The best thing about these calendars is that you don’t have to manually fill in the dates each year. Just type in the year ONE TIME and click the magic wand to automatically update all 12 months at once with the correct dates! Save a new set of calendars each year with the click of a button!

The hard part is deciding what to do with all your new found free time!

Each month is available in two formats, seven or five days (Mon-Fri) and they do include holiday references such as Santa in December and bunnies and eggs in April. If you are not allowed to reference holidays in your program these calendars are not for you.

** Note to Purchaser: You cannot change the layout or template of the document. This file is offered in PDF with fillable form fields to allow you to easily add text to each page for personalization.**

Please read the Product FAQ’s before you make a purchase. Upon purchasing you will immediately receive a download link to retrieve your product. Please make sure you have Adobe Reader installed on your computer to open this file. All orders are sent digitally; you will not receive anything in the US mail.

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August 9, 2013

FREE Printable Weekly Homework Calendars! (Plus 5 great homework tips!)

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Free Printable Weekly Homework Calendar!

This is an awesome way to keep your kiddos organized and on task!  They will always know what’s coming up and what has to be done !

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 5 Homework Tips for the Family


Even with everyone’s busy schedules these days, it is important for a family to keep homework a priority. Between soccer and ballet, playtime and family trips, it can be difficult for children to stay motivated to continue their studies; however, there are lots of things you can do to help them succeed.


Give them space: Make sure your children have a well-lit, clean and distraction free space in the house to do homework and projects. Make sure there are no TVs or computers within seeing distance!

Do not disturb: Make sure your kids have uninterrupted time to study; taking the trash out can wait for a hour or so!

Have a schedule: Your kids should start on their homework early enough in the day to finish everything before bedtime, but also leave time for breaks between subjects, especially if the weather is nice!  Keeping a weekly schedule reminds them what is coming up and what needs to be completed!

Watch and learn: Supply your children with the necessary tools for their homework, make sure they are working, but don’t hover or try to help. Homework is only good for your children if they are the ones to do it!

Keep it positive: Having a positive attitude about homework, praise their successes, and always encourage! Children will learn from your positivity and will begin to adopt your attitude.

How to Make FREE Printable Weekly Homework Calendars! (Plus 5 great homework tips!)

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