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Personal Responsibility

A personal responsibility incorporates various obligations, and these obligations vary from one person to another. It is imperative for an individual to fulfill his/her personal responsibilities. For example, a writer has several responsibilities. It is mandatory for a writer to plan for assignments in the appropriate time. More intently, when doing assignments, a writer has a duty to ascertain the quality of every paper. All assignments must be original, and free of grammatical errors. These are the personal responsibilities of a writer, and everyone has a personal responsibility. The society regards an individual who does not provide for his/her personal responsibilities as a social misfit.

Personal duties correspond to different dimensions of life. There are different types of responsibilities, and the execution of these responsibilities occurs at distinct times. There are responsibilities that link with someone’s profession. For example, an electrical engineer has to ensure that the electrical designs of the building are appropriate. This specific electrical engineer has a family, and there are responsibilities that pertain to family matters. He/she has to spare some time for family issues. All individuals have to provide for the needs of their families. Moreover, a person with children will have to provide child support at all times.

The social aspect is of utmost importance. Everyone has a moral commitment of protecting the environment. It is imperative for all individuals to ensure that the environment is safe and clean. If people do not take up this responsibility, then humanity has no future. All individuals have an obligation to adhere to the prevalent laws in the country. A personal responsibility encompasses obedience to the laws of the land. In addition, the citizens of a particular country have a personal responsibility to be patriotic and hardworking. Furthermore, the aspects of health and hygiene are part of personal responsibilities. Catering for one’s personal responsibilities is necessary for all instances of life.

In conclusion, everyone has a personal responsibility that relates to different contexts. The effects of ignoring personal responsibilities are adverse to all the stakeholders in a specific locale. Humanity has to embrace the aspects of personal responsibilities, and coexistence will only be successful if everyone embraces a kindness. More intently, unity is essential, and everyone has to be his/her brother’s keeper. If everyone executes his/her personal obligations, then the stability of the planet is a guarantee.

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