Essay On Diwali In English For Ielts Exam

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Describe a national festival in your country


  • when it takes place?
  • why it takes place?
  • what people do during that festival?
  • explain why this festival is important to you?


Our country is a secular nation where people of different religions live together. So, there are lots of festivals that people celebrate across the nation. But, I think Diwali is a festival that is celebrated all over India among people of different religions and customs.

Diwali is a festival of lights. Interestingly, its date depends on the Indian astrologers. But, normally, it is celebrated in the last week of October or the first week of November. This festival signifies the victory of the good over evil. The preparations and rituals typically extend over a five-day period, but the main festival night of Diwali coincides with the darkest, new moon night of the Hindu calendar month called Kartika.

It is believed that on this day, Rama, a Hindu god, came back to India after defeating Ravana, a demon. It was also the end of his 14 years exile. Before Diwali, people clean, renovate and decorate their homes and offices. On that day, people dress up in new clothes or their best outfits and light up oil lamps made from clay inside and outside their homes. They participate in family prayers to Lakshmi – the goddess of wealth and prosperity.

After prayers,  a family feast including delicious sweets begins. This is followed by fireworks and exchange of gifts between family members and close friends. Diwali is important to me because it brings the whole family together. We are living in a world where people are migrating and have less time, but for us, no matter what the work is , no matter where we are Diwali means a Reunion. The entire family is together and we exchange talks and laughs together.



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1.  Describe the most celebrated festival of your country.

• My country India is a land of diverse cultures and traditions.

• People of varied nationalities and ethnic groups live here for centuries.

• Every religion and community has its own festivals to celebrate but there is one such festival which is celebrated with great fervour by all irrespective of their caste and creed.

• This festival is Diwali and also known as festival of lights.

• It is celebrated in the month of October or November every year.

• The historical aspect of this festival relates it to Hindu and Sikh religions.

• According to Hinduism, on the return of Lord Rama from exile of 14 years to Ayodhya, his kingdom, people welcomed him by illuminating the entire place with earthen lamps.

• The Sikh religion celebrates this day to mark the release of their Sixth Guru, Guru Hargobingd sahib ji from the fort of Gwalior along with 52 other kings who were also imprisoned there by the mughal ruler of that time.

• This festival is celebrated with great enthusiasm.

• People exchange gifts and sweets and send wishes to their kith and kin.

• I like this festival because on this day all forget about their own religion and origin and enjoy the day collectively.

• Children burst crackers and wear new clothes.

• Elderly folks worship Goddess Lakshmi also for wealth and prosperity in their lives.

• This festival teaches the lesson of humanity to the society.

• I love to celebrate this day with my family and friends.

2.  Describe a long walk you enjoyed and with whom.

• I got a chance to participate in the walk organised by the local club in my city recently.

• It was a walk of 20 kilometres and named as ‘walk for life”. It was for charity and the fund raised from this event was planned to use for the education of under privileged children of the area.

• The organisers appealed the people to get register for this event by paying a small amount of money. They advertised well about this event and shared the plan how they will be going to use the money collected through this walk.

• The youth club of my college approached our college principal and he gave his consent. Surprisingly, around 900 students of my college got register for this event in no time.

• On the day of walk, i along with my friends reached at the starting point well in advance at 7.00 in the morning.

• The starting time for this walk was 8.00 am and by 8.00 thousands of walkers gathered in the playground.

• The walk was very long and tedious for people like us who don’t have the habit of walking but the sense of responsibility towards our society kept us moving on.

• We enjoyed a lot and made some plans also to do something for the betterment of less privileged people.

• This event was a grand success as around 7000 people participated in this walk.

• My friends and i were satisfied afterwards that we have done something for the help of others. Though this contribution was meagre but this event made us realise our duties towards the society and its people.

3. Describe your favourite street market

• I am going to talk about a street market which is a haven for shoppers in my home town.

• This is not spread over a very large area but people can purchase everything here on reasonable prices.

• This is located in the middle of the town and known as shoppers’ paradise.

• People can buy everything here like fresh fruits and vegetables, clothes, accessories and household items also.

• My friends and i go there in the evening to munch on the mouth watering delicacies.

• Most of the food lovers gather around various carts to enjoy samosa, noodles, manchurian, pizza and other pastries.

• This market is quite famous in the region and it remains open till

• People from nearby villages and towns also come here for shopping.

• Some of the sellers sell their goods on carts , some under canopies and some have their bricked shops also.

• On Sundays it becomes extremely difficult to go through that area in four wheelers as hundreds of shoppers throng the market.

• I always enjoy going there as it is near to my place besides this i can buy anything i need.

• I often see underprivileged/poor people purchasing used clothes for themselves on lower prices.

• Children also enjoy there by shopping toys.

• This market is a main attraction of our town and one can find it flooded with people all the time.


4. Describe the time when you watch the sky whether its day or night and with whom.


• Looking towards sky is always refreshing for me. It makes me feel a part of the infinite universe.

• A couple of days ago, there was a heavy rainfall in my area after the scorching heat of many days.

• This rain brought relief to flora and fauna.

• We all got very happy and children took shower in the rain water and played a lot.

• When the rain subsided i came out with my 6 years son to enjoy the gentle breeze.

• We both were looking towards the sky and my son was looking at the floating clouds and was figuring out shapes of animals like lion, elephant and rats.

• All of sudden, he started screaming with joy after seeing the rainbow in the sky.

• His cousins also came out of their houses and all children started shouting by looking at the sky.

• I also enjoyed that spectacular view of Mother Nature.

• All children started asking me that how the rainbow is formed and who makes it, from where all the colors come.

• I tried to tell them the science behind this phenomenon but they didn’t understand as they are too young to follow these facts.

• But we all enjoyed a lot on that day and the rainbow fainted away gradually and we all got busy in our works.

• I still feel the freshness of that evening and my son also talks about the rainbow daily.

• That was a wonderful evening for all.

5.  Describe a situation when someone apologized to you.

• We all tend to do some mistakes intentionally or unintentionally and feel sorry for that afterwards. I always apologise for my wrong doings in no time.

• I expect the same from others also.

• Last month, my friend Harman borrowed my car for a day.

• He knows very well that i am very possessed about my car. I requested him to take care as i knew that he is not good in driving. This is the reason his father doesn’t give him his own car.

• He promised me to drive cautiously and safely.

• But when he returned back in the evening he sounded very low and then he told me that someone hit the car from the rear side, when he was stuck in the traffic jam, eventually he hit the car stationed in front of him.

• This collision damaged my car from front and rear sides.

• He was feeling guilty for not taking care and apologized for his negligence. He assured me to spend from his pocket money to get it mended.

• He requested me not to tell his father about this incident.

• I felt sorry for him also and was very low as my car got damaged. But somewhere in my mind i knew that this was not his fault.

• On the next day, he went with me to the mechanic and we spent the whole day in the workshop and luckily the damage was not too big to mend.

• He apologized again and assured me to be more vigilant in future.

• We are still good friends and now he drives even his bike very cautiously.

• I feel that seeking apology and forgiving others make relations stronger.

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