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Stages in Peter Parker's Life in Spiderman

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There are heroes all over the world. What makes a hero are the choices they make and the things they accomplish. Spiderman is that hero and this essay will explain why.
There are three areas of argument, which is the bridge of Spiderman's life. The first one is about a helper who supports the hero during a difficult time that would help him succeed through his journey. The second argument would be the most adventurous parts of the quest. The final argument would be different but important aspects of the quest. In the movie Spiderman, Peter Parker/ Spiderman is the hero as his life consists of the stages Protected Youth-the helper appears, The call to adventure and New Landscapes-Road of Trials.

Every hero needs help sometime through his or her quest, even Spiderman. Peter?s uncle, Ben is the only one but a great helper in his life. He helped him in many ways. He had raised him to be, intelligent, a good person, honest and never to commit a crime. That is really important for a hero because it could decide his destiny of being a hero or a criminal. Uncle Ben also gives Peter life saving wise words, which would be the reason, why Spiderman is Spiderman. ?These are the years when a man changes to a man he is going to become for the rest of his life? (Spiderman 2002) and ?With great power comes great responsibility?(Spiderman 2002). Peter is very lucky to have a helper like his uncle who helps him through his many stages.

Like any hero Spiderman is always on an adventure. The real reason he became Spiderman is due to the death of his Uncle Ben. Peter Parker had to seek justice. He then donned the costume of Spiderman and began to be a vigilante crime fighter. Mr.Ozbourne (father of Peter?s best friend) is a rich and greedy man. But he is hungry for fame and power. Because he is about to lose his company, he constructs experiments on himself that unleashes his evil and dangerous alter ego. The Green Goblin is now created. This part is very important because now a villain has emerged and could be a risk towards Spiderman. This is probably the climax of Spiderman?s quest. The Green Goblin has put Spiderman into a very difficult predicament. He has kidnapped MJ and a bus of children and has threatened Spiderman to choose which one to save while he is about to throw them into the ocean.

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? Let die the woman you love or suffer the children ha ha ha ha. Make your choice Spiderman and see how a hero is rewarded. Now choose!?(Spiderman 2002). This part is important because Spiderman must choose whom he must save and this shows how much of a hero he is. These adventures all merge together to form just a pathway through his quest. Each adventure represents Spiderman as a hero from within.

There are different and important aspects of Spiderman?s quest, which makes him a true hero. The Green Goblin tries his luck with Spiderman by persuading him to join him into a life of crime and evil. ? They found you amusing at first but eventually they will hate you. Join me and imagine what we could accomplish together?(Spiderman 2002). Spiderman thinks about Green Goblin?s offer but refuses right away because he knows that this world needs a heroic man to stop crime. Spiderman also has a knack for saving MJ, the woman he loves. It has been twice that he saved her life. Once from a falling building and another time from a gang of thugs. This is important because now MJ has fallen in love with him. The sinister part of Green Goblin?s plan is that he has found out the true identity of Spiderman. Mr. Osbourne remembers this when he cut Spiderman and he saw the same cut on Peter when he sat down to dinner with him. Now the dangerous part of this is that Green Goblin can use this knowledge to his advantage and destroy Spiderman. These new trials explain the importance of Spiderman?s quest very deeply.

In the movie Spiderman, Peter Parker/Spiderman is a hero as his life consists of the stages, protected youth/ the helper appears, the call to adventure and new landscapes ? road of trials. The summary of the three arguments are, Uncle Ben helping Peter, when the adventure part starts and the different aspects or points in Spiderman?s quest. I think Spiderman is a great hero because he looks out to save the city even though the entire city doesn?t appreciate him, and he is trying to stop a dangerous criminal like the Green Goblin. He has all the aspects of a true hero and the life stages. This is what a true hero is consisted of.

A hero is not someone with tights or a cool outfit. They are not people who have superpowers (although they could help) heroes are people who inspire others. They give up everything, even if it means that they live in a dilapidated old shack. They give up everything so that they can help people even if it means that they have to sacrifice their own body for someone they don’t even know. In my paper I will be talking about my hero, Spiderman, what a hero means to me, and all of the types of heroes there are.

My hero is one of America’s favorite superheroes, Spiderman. As you may know Spiderman has superpowers, what you may not know is how he got them. When Peter Parker got his superpowers he was on a field trip with his class. While there he was bitten by a radioactive spider. Spiderman has battled a lot of different bad guys but he fought them for the same reason: to save innocent people's lives. This inspired a lot of people and gave them hope.

There are all types of heroes. All heroes are different, but they do share one thing in common, they want to help the innocent. Spiderman has superpowers and a cool costume and so does a lot of other heroes, but the strongest and most powerful heroes are the ones in your everyday life. Every hero does not have to have superpowers to save someone, they could just stand up for you when you are being bullied, or they could just help you do your homework when you don’t understand.

A hero is someone who does not care what people think of him, but what he does for the people. Not all heroes have to be able to do something amazing but they all do the same thing, they help people. They don’t have to look like someone out of a Marvel comic book; a hero could be the person on the other side of the hall. Both of these heroes help people everyday whether or not it is saving you from a mad scientist, or just saving you from getting yelled at by your science teacher. A hero helps someone no matter what he cost is, that is why I chose Spiderman as my hero.

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