Essay On Cultured Person

Culture Essay

by May anne ravis

Some people think that a person can never understand a culture of the country unless they speak the language.

Do you agree with this opinion?

Understanding one's culture is a significant issue nowadays. Making headway with this especially the pressure of modern life, some are convinced that speaking the language is the way to learn the culture. Language is pivotal, but I believed that there are more significant things that a people can bear in mind when adapting the culture.

Language is important for us to live comfortably especially to a non-English country. It is very hard to start your life if you can't even understand what they are talking about. For instance, buying at the store whereas some have their own alphabets also and you cannot understand even just single letter. Another example is if you want to ask some directions and you don't know what they are saying because they are using body language too. However, there are many more ways which I think can help people more to know the culture.

Moreover, there are conservative countries where you need to cover your hair as well as your skin and you are required to wear abaya which is a black long dress along with a black veil-like head garment. In addition, you also need to follow some religious aspects like prayer times which is 4 times daily. All stores are closed during these times. However, there are also things you need to avoid when it comes to socialization. A single lady is not allowed to go put and to have fun with a single man. It is only permitted if you are accompanied by a couple and you are ready to present some proof of relations whenever you came across with some police. Pork is not allowed in this country.

In conclusion, language is not the only way to learn a culture but there are more important things like following rules and regulations when it comes to clothing, socializing, religion and food.


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Multiculturalism Essay


In multi-cultural societies, people of different cultural backgrounds live and work together.

Do you think the advantages of multi-cultural societies outweigh the disadvantages?

Globalisation has given the world to come closer and today we can experience several cultures staying and working at a common platform. A multi-cultured group brings a wider area of learning, celebration, and a well living environment. Similarly it creates some resistance in the society because of certain group of people being bigot. I think a place with people carrying so many cultures has a enormous benefit than drawback.

When several cultures come together we all feel happy in learning new languages. We participate in events and festivals. This brings people coming closer to each other and adopting new style of living and working. Some of the orthodox style are replaced by new and pragmatic way. For example, In India we had a brutal ritual of burning lady who lost her husband. This was objected by the British empire first and later got stopped. Similarly the language which is in demanded across the globe, been learnt by Indians. The advantage of it is very evident now.

Having said that, mixed culture also creates a lots of hindrance mainly by the people in the society who are not open to learn and accept. Bigot people are pivotal for such situation as they abhor others culture. They initiates and participates into a negative aspect of racism where people fight and in some instances becomes the reason of riots among different cultured groups. However this is only when we have more people with less knowledge and are illiterate.

In conclusion, despite of some challenges which a mixed cultures can bring to the society can not overweight the benefits. The evolution of our race and the world we see today is the result of different cultures being together exchanging the knowledge and way of living.


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Working for a Multinational Organisation Essay

by rupali
(new delhi)


The best way to understand other cultures is to work for a multinational organisation.

To what extent do you agree or disagree?

There has always been a keen desire in people to gain knowledge about culture and tradition than there own. Whilst some people have the opinion that their relentless inquisition about vivid cultures can be satiated by working in a multinational organisation with people from diverse backgrounds, others have a different point of view.

It is certainly understandable that working with people from various cultures opens up the venue for understanding their cultural whereabouts. To begin, interacting in a diversified cultural atmosphere provides the opportunity to know in-detail about them. For instance the festivals they celebrate, cuisines they cook, their folk dance, clothing, lifestyle etc. Additionally, one can learn a lot about their language and dialect.

However, there is another view to it. People believe that workplace is a place to work, not learn. It is about their profession and they are not comfortable getting personal in such an environment. Furthermore, people don't appreciate talking about their backgrounds socially. They, for instance, have reservations to discuss about where they come from in fear of getting bullied later.

To conclude, it is true that working at multinational organisations unblocks the gateway to unfamiliar cultures, however it is not the best way to gather information. In my view, reading books, travelling, making friends on social media are far better ways to get in-sight about different cultures.

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Essay Cultures and Co-Cultures

1178 WordsNov 25th, 20125 Pages

Cultures and Co-Cultures
By: Anna Skidmore
Delta College

A Culture is the language, values, beliefs, traditions, and customs people share and learn according to Larry Samovar and his colleagues (2007). Culture includes two different groups called in-groups which are groups that you identify yourself with and out-groups which is a group of people we view as different (Frings & Abram, 2010; Quist & Jorgensen, 2010). Examples of culture is the foods we eat, holidays we celebrate, the type of music we listen to, or even how we address someone. A co-culture is groups of people banded through beliefs, values, behaviors, and a culture inside a larger culture (Ober & Spellers, 2005). Being a member of a co-culture can be a…show more content…

Just like it is in most American families. Co-cultures are just like a branch off of a culture. In the case of the culture that I am part of, being a teenage would be a co-culture. Since I am a teenager of the American culture it means that my age is between 13 and 18. Life as a teen is hard at this time because of either going into high school, trying to figure out which college to attend, or maybe even it is just the nerves of not returning back to school after your senior year. Teens are very social and always hanging out with their friends. Family starts to become a little less important. Teens start to believe that they are always right and start to get lippy to their parents so problems start to appear in the parent child relationship. Another co-culture that I am a part of is being in Student Council at school. As a member of Student Council it is a tradition that we all come together every other Tuesday for a meeting. At said meeting we all discuss stuff that is happening at school and what we believe should happen in the future to make it better. We have all joined this club because we have something in common and which is wanting to help others in our school and community. Intercultural Communication is the process that occurs when members of two or more cultures or co-cultures exchange messages in a manner that is influenced by their different cultural perceptions and symbol systems, both verbal and

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